About us

Originating from Syrian soil, RabieFoodbrings home-grown, fresh, healthy produce to you. With a wide variety of vegetable products from Tomato Products , ketchup , condenser pomegranate , jam's , flavored drink , Fava Beans , Olive Oil , Mushroom , Rose water - Blossom water , Cocoa-milk drink , and a wide variety of Vinegar types , as well as organic vegetables delivered to your doorstep, Rabie Foodunderstands today’s cooking requirements and offers healthy products abiding by international standards to deliver the highest quality.

Not only offering high quality freshness in each of its products, the entire product, from the label to the jar to the content, is all made proudly in Syria . Since its inception in 1986, RabieFoodhas been keeping a close eye on the culinary trends in Syria . This market attention has translated into a multitude of products that answer to the need of every kitchen’s requirements. Things have changed dramatically in Syria , RabieFoodunderstood that it’s time for change.

Shedding its old labeling and containers, RabieFoodis reinventing itself with fresh and fun labels in modern, practical containers and expanding its product line, reflecting the expanding direction of RabieGroup itself. RabieFood’snew look will bring a fresh of breath air to your kitchen!